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The Turbine Forum continues in 2023, bringing together experts regarding the technical aspects of joining materials for manufacturing and repair of turbine engines, including

Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Welding, Brazing, Thermal Spray, Advanced Coatings, Industrial Processes, Single Crystal Repair and Advanced Repair Technologies for the aerospace, space and IGT engine industries.


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125 Front Street, Worcester MA 01608

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Learn More About the Forum

Technical Program

Dr. Warren Miglietti and Dr. Thomas Gartner bring their over 65 years of combined experience to teach on Turbine Engine Component Degradation & the Basics of Gas Turbine Component Repair at this year educational seminar.

Attendee Pricing

With a diverse range of sessions, keynote speeches, and interactive workshops, the Turbine Forum offers a platform to exchange ideas, stay informed about emerging trends, and forge valuable connections. Don't miss out on this extraordinary gathering of industry experts. Sign up today and be part of the turbine industry's future!


As an exhibitor, you'll have a unique opportunity to gain visibility, generate leads, and establish meaningful connections with key decision-makers in the turbine industry.


Elevate your company's brand and demonstrate your commitment to the turbine industry by becoming a sponsor at the prestigious Turbine Forum. As a sponsor, you'll gain unparalleled visibility and recognition among industry leaders, researchers, and engineers. Showcase your products and services, network with key decision-makers, and establish valuable partnerships that can drive your business forward.

Conference Schedule

The Turbine Forum offers a dynamic and engaging schedule that promises to captivate attendees with its diverse range of sessions and activities. From informative panel discussions featuring industry experts to technical presentations showcasing the latest advancements in turbine technology, the schedule is designed to provide valuable insights and foster meaningful discussions.

Previous Years Conferences

The success of past Turbine Forum conferences has solidified their reputation as must-attend events, and participants eagerly anticipate the upcoming conference to continue the tradition of excellence and drive innovation in the turbine industry.

Turbine Forum is an independently run, small business, designed to bringing together the best and the brightest from industry and academia to further the discussion of engines 
used in space, aerospace and
 industrial applications.
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