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Turbine Forum 2022

October 4-6, 2022

Blackwell Inn @ The Ohio State University

In partnership with EWI

Turbine Forum 2023 - University of Tennessee

Conference Keynote

Dr. Jerry Gould

Senior Technology Leader


"Materials for Turbines in the Green Energy World"

Dr. Jerry Gould, is Senior Technology Leader for Resistance and Solid-state Processes at EWI. His work involves understanding this class of processes at a fundamental level, then applying that knowledge to address specific industrial challenges. Jerry has worked across a range of industrial sectors, from automotive to aerospace to heavy manufacturing. He has published over 170 papers, holds seven patents, and has authored 20 EWI Cooperative Research Reports.

Welcome to America's

Turbine Forum 2022 

The Turbine Forum continues in 2022, bringing together experts regarding the technical aspects of joining materials for manufacturing and repair of turbine engines, including

Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Welding, Brazing, Thermal Spay, Advanced Coatings, Industrial Processes, Single Crystal Repair and Advanced Repair Technologies for the aerospace, space and IGT engine industries.

Our events will be held on campus at The Ohio State University at the Blackwell Inn and Pfahl Conference Center

America's Turbine Forum is an independently run, small business, designed to bringing together the best and the brightest from industry and academia to further the discussion of engines 

used in space, aerospace and

 industrial applications.

Cal Lacasse, Owner

With over  25 years of aerospace industry experience in sales, supply chain, management and industry show creation, I am proud to continue this event, which I founded. I love to get a diverse crowd of experts together to share their knowledge and have a fun time pushing the industry forward.